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The real cost of credit

What is the real price of buying on credit? Use our handy calculator to see how interest and fees on debt adds up. The real cost of debt might be higher than you think.

Capital over time

  • What it cost
  • What you pay

Monthly Instalments

  • Capital repaid
  • Fees
  • Interest

Repayment split

  • Purchase price
  • Fees
  • Interest

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Monthly interest

The values below are based on the prescribed limits set by the National Credit Act, as well as standard industry averages, and are depicted for illustrative purposes only. These values may vary depending on the credit scenario you've selected above. Adjust these values by selecting the "custom" calculator from the drop-down menu.


Monthly total instalment:
Monthly instalment:
Monthly fee:
Monthly credit life charge:
Total amount to pay:
Total fees:
Total interest:
Value of purchase:

What if you bought a car for 20% less and invested the difference each month over 5 or 10 years?

If you purchased your car for 20% less () and saved the difference () each month, you could potentially earn over 5 years or over 10 years. Enough for a substantial down-payment on the car of your dreams*.

*For illustrative purposes only, based on an estimated interest rate of 8% over 5 years and 9% over 10 years.

Savings vs. Credit

Monthly installments

  • Savings
  • Capital repaid
  • Fees
  • Interest

Capital over time

  • Savings over 10 Years
  • Accumulated repayment
  • Capital repayment

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